On most Sundays, our services are a blend of contemporary and traditional worship, combining the music of praise & worship music on the guitar with time-honored hymns played on the piano.  People who attend Russell come from all walks of life; some wear suits and some wear jeans.  We meet at 9:30 AM for a weekly service that generally lasts for an hour, although sometimes a bit longer.  It is followed by a class for adults called "Digging Deeper" during which time people are invited to stay to discuss the worship service and the pastor's message in more depth.  During the school year, there is a once a month potluck that happens on the first Sunday of the month. 

Our Staff


Mission Statement

The mission of Russell Community Church is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that pre-believers become believers, believers become disciples, and disciples become mature, fruitful leaders who will go into the world to reach others for Christ. 

Denominational Core Values

Russell Community Church is a member of the ECO, a denomination that was formed in 2012.   The full name is Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.   Specifically we are a member of the Presbytery of East Central.

  • Egalitarian Ministry: We believe in unleashing the ministry gifts of women, men, and every ethnic group.
  • Missional Centrality:  We believe in living out the whole of the Great Commission – including evangelism, spiritual formation, compassion, and redemptive justice – in our communities and around the world.
  • Center-focused Spirituality:  We believe in calling people to the core of what it means to be followers of Jesus – what “mere Christianity” is and does – and not fixate on the boundaries.
  • Leadership Velocity:  We believe identifying and developing gospel-centered leaders is critical for the church, and a great leadership culture is risk-taking, innovative, and organic.
  • Kingdom Vitality:  We believe congregations should vigorously reproduce new missional communities to expand the Kingdom of God.
  • Jesus-shaped Identity:  We believe Jesus Christ must be at the center of our lives and making disciples of Jesus at the core of our ministry 
  • Biblical Integrity:  We believe the Bible is the unique and authoritative Word of God, which teaches all that is necessary for faith and life. The prominence of God’s Word over our lives shapes our priorities, and the unrivaled authority of the Bible directs our actions to be in concert with Christ’s very best for our lives. 
  • Thoughtful Theology:  We believe in theological education, constant learning, and the life of the mind, and celebrate this as one of the treasures of our Reformed heritage.
  • Accountable Community:  We believe guidance is a corporate spiritual experience. We want to connect leaders to one another in healthy relationships of accountability, synergy, and care.